Project Description

Much as we hate to do it, there will come a time when trees have to be removed within our premises. In most cases, a tree or trees, whether dead or living, may pose a grave danger to people or property. Other reasons why tree removal may be necessary may include the deteriorating health of the tree, planned changes in the landscape, the need to have a driveway or a new road, or for aesthetic purposes.

Whatever the reason may be, this task can be very tough, complicated, and dangerous to all that may be exposed. Accidents have been known to occur, as well as damages to properties or even to the environment. This is not a job that may be accomplished by just anybody. A tree removal would require knowledge and skills that may only be possible with professionals who have the proper training and experience.

At Dave Lund Tree Service & Forestry Co Ltd, we make sure that our personnel are armed with these knowledge and skills to make your tree removal as safe and efficient.

Dave Lund Tree Service and Forestry Co Ltd. are Professional Arborists since 1969 servicing York Regions tree removal needs for over 36 years.: Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Aurora, King, Newmarket & Bradford, Ontario.