Project Description

After a tree has been removed for whatever reason, the homeowner may still have to consider the matter of the removal of base and the roots of the tree or called stump removal. This process can be very crucial especially the area would be used for more important purposes such as constructing a sidewalk or a driveway. Stump removal would still be very vital if the plan is to make room for a new tree.

There are a number of ways to achieve this, ranging from pulling the stump manually, shredding it through grinding, we use a state of the art stump grinder which shreds the stump and surrounding surface roots into biodegradable mulch, a beneficial by product. The choice would really depend on the factors prevailing and this is where our services will be very helpful. We will provide the appropriate recommendations after assessing the whole situation. Upon your approval, we will then commence stump removal with the use of our skilled and experienced personnel and the top-of-line equipment, when necessary.