Important Facts for Healthy Trees: Why and When to Prune

Pruning is essential to keeping trees healthy, growing well, and producing flowers and fruit. There are specific reasons to prune, and certain seasons are best for pruning.

Pruning Prevents Insects and Rot
Cutting out dead and diseased branches from your trees prevents rot and insect infestation. Healthy limbs and branches are much less susceptible to these […]

How to Identify Three of Canada’s Most Iconic, Native Trees

Canada is a country steeped in natural beauty, with a wide variety of habitats and plant species in its geographical expanse. The country’s various trees are among the most striking examples of its national flora. Some of these beautiful trees stand out as exemplary species. Identifying these trees can be easy when you know […]

Proper Tree Spacing — Give Foliage Room to Grow!

Smart tree planting requires a bit of planning and understanding how your trees will grow in the coming years. If you are planning to grow trees for aesthetic reasons, as a windbreak, or to provide privacy, properly space them to achieve the purpose you have in mind.

Species-Specific Height and Width
Not every tree species is […]

Fruit-Bearing Trees May Not Be the Best Backyard Idea

A fruit tree might sound like the perfect idea for a backyard. But there are several reasons why growing fruit outside your home might be ill advised. Here are some common questions to determine if planting a fruit-bearing tree is for you.

Is there enough room?

Fruit trees can grow to be very large so if […]

Plant A Tree “DIY Style”

If considering planting a tree on your property there are some things you will need to know. A fun part of the process is deciding what kind of tree you want to plant and if it is able to flourish in your part of the country.

Look at the Root Covering
Once you’ve decided on a […]

Tree Health: The Root of the Issue

Every time you admire a tree it is not likely you thought about its roots. However, healthy trees only exist with a strong root structure. When a tree is planted you can watch the tree grow and change over time. Because roots are not always visible, they’re sometimes forgotten. However, caring for roots is […]

Recognize Fungal Diseases in Your Trees and Plants

It’s said that more than 80% of plant diseases are caused by fungus. Fungi make up one of the five kingdoms used by biologists to classify living organisms. The fungi kingdom includes living organisms that lack the green pigment, chlorophyll, found in plants. Therefore, fungi get their nutrients from the soil or by living […]

Three Reasons Why Trees Need Aeration

Compacted soil around the base of a tree is the leading cause of stunted growth and/or death of a tree. The hardened soil will not allow food, water and air to reach the roots, and without those three necessities a tree cannot survive for long. Having the tree aerated, also known as soil de-compaction, […]

Tips to Prevent Sunscald

What is Sunscald?

Sunscald can occur when the bark of a tree warms in the sun and dormant bark cells suddenly become active. When temperatures drop at night, the active cells become damaged. The cells are protected when they are dormant but are vulnerable to the colder temperatures in the active state.
When sunscald appears, it […]

Tree Essentials: Reasons You Should Prune Now

Tree pruning is essential for the promotion of tree health. Letting trees become overgrown is not only unattractive, but can pose a threat to an otherwise healthy tree’s life span. Below are several tips that indicate when it is time to get those branches pruned back.

Removing dead tree limbs will help avoid heavy […]