Where to Plant a Tree on Your Property

Many homeowners plant trees to enhance the landscape of their front yard or back garden. Planting trees around the house boosts curb appeal and provides fresh air and shade. While the benefits of trees for your property cannot be underestimated, careful planning is crucial when planting. Assess the area where you plan to plant […]

When to Remove a Tree Stump

Trees add beauty to our properties. Despite the aesthetic value a dead tree may bring to a yard, there comes a time when a homeowner needs to remove the tree. Some common reasons for removal include: disease, hazard of size, damaged roots, or old age. After tree removal the main concern remains — what […]

Best Times to Plant Trees

Deciding when to plant a tree can be tricky and knowing the right time of year to do so is a major part of any effort to grow a healthy plant. Spring or fall planting is sensible, but it is important to consider other factors. Here are a few things to know about seasonal […]

How to Grow a Tree from Seed

Some gardeners and landscapers are ambitious; they want to try growing a tree from seed to full maturity. Growing a tree from seed might not seem to be a tricky process, but it is a commitment. The easier thing to do is to hire a reliable tree service who can properly plant a young […]

Using Anti-desiccants to Protect Trees from the Cold

Winter can be a tough time for plants and they run a risk of drying out. Plant roots cannot absorb water from the soil when the ground freezes and they are forced to use water stored in their leaves and stems. This situation can be dangerous for shrubs and evergreens, which are unable to […]

Your Fall Season Gardening Guide

The start of Fall is a good time prepare the garden and landscape around your home for the onset of winter. There are several things you can do to ready your garden for cold weather in Canada (and other chilly locations).
This season is an excellent time to plant shrubs and trees. Here are some […]

Important Facts for Healthy Trees: Why and When to Prune

Pruning is essential to keeping trees healthy, growing well, and producing flowers and fruit. There are specific reasons to prune, and certain seasons are best for pruning.

Pruning Prevents Insects and Rot
Cutting out dead and diseased branches from your trees prevents rot and insect infestation. Healthy limbs and branches are much less susceptible to these […]

How to Identify Three of Canada’s Most Iconic, Native Trees

Canada is a country steeped in natural beauty, with a wide variety of habitats and plant species in its geographical expanse. The country’s various trees are among the most striking examples of its national flora. Some of these beautiful trees stand out as exemplary species. Identifying these trees can be easy when you know […]

Proper Tree Spacing — Give Foliage Room to Grow!

Smart tree planting requires a bit of planning and understanding how your trees will grow in the coming years. If you are planning to grow trees for aesthetic reasons, as a windbreak, or to provide privacy, properly space them to achieve the purpose you have in mind.

Species-Specific Height and Width
Not every tree species is […]

Fruit-Bearing Trees May Not Be the Best Backyard Idea

A fruit tree might sound like the perfect idea for a backyard. But there are several reasons why growing fruit outside your home might be ill advised. Here are some common questions to determine if planting a fruit-bearing tree is for you.

Is there enough room?

Fruit trees can grow to be very large so if […]